Selecting and visiting a gynaecologist is a very personal thing. Besides expert medical advice, the well-being of my patients is therefore very important to me.

Remaining or becoming healthy is our greatest wish. However, health is not some God-given gift, but rather our most precious possession, which we need to look after actively throughout our lives. In order to offer the best possible support to my patients in this regard, I have, in addition to general gynaecology, also chosen to specialise in the treatment of hormonal disorders (endocrinology), as well as in the desire to have children, and in anti-aging and preventative medicine.

In particular, an unfulfilled desire to have children and any subsequent, but not always immediately successful, treatment frequently causes women to reach the limits of their psychological resilience. If you have a desire to have children but are having difficulty fulfilling this, there can be numerous causes. Organic causes, hormonal disorders or even psychological conflicts may be responsible, and may affect either the man or the woman. In this way, I would like to provide you with help and advice.

Sooner or later, all women reach the menopause. However, nowadays, menopausal complaints no longer need to be suffered as an inevitable fate. In fact, they do not need to impact upon your quality of life at all. Hormone replacement therapy via a suitably qualified gynaecologist is an appropriate way of alleviating symptoms and preventing some serious illnesses. The primary concern here is choosing which hormone preparations are administered so as not to expose you to any risks.

Every woman hopes for a long, healthy life. However, the latest scientific research has shown that age itself is the greatest risk factor. This is where anti-aging medicine comes in: it delays and treats age-related changes.

Your gynaecologist in Munich

Our gynaecological private practice, which I run as a joint practice with my esteemed colleague Dr. Angelika Held, is located centrally on Odeonsplatz. We both work very closely with renowned clinics in Munich and the surrounding area, ensuring our patients the best possible care, even during in-patient stays.

Best regards,
Anja Bräuker