Gynaecology and obstetrics

Besides the specialist fields of treatment for the desire to have children, hormone therapy (endocrinology) and anti-aging treatment (preventative medicine), I also, naturally, provide treatment in the other key areas:

General gynaecology
Cancer prevention using the modern ThinPrep method

HPV diagnosis (human papillomavirus)

Anti-conception (contraception)

Consultation hours for teenagers

High-frequency ultrasound with colour Doppler (maximum magnification and high-resolution imaging of the smallest structures)

Breast ultrasound/breast cancer prevention (precise assessment of the smallest foci using high-end equipment)

Advice in all matters concerning pregnancy (lifestyle, childbirth clinic, and much more)

Laboratory tests to prevent complications or identify them at an early stage

High-resolution ultrasound scan to show the smallest embryonic structures

Colour duplex, Doppler sonography e.g. nuchal translucency, placenta blood flow, growth, 4D ultrasound technology, CTG (cardiotocograph)