Anti-Aging and Preventative Medicine

Anti-aging medicine does not aim to prevent people from getting older. Instead, it primarily concerns efforts to maintain health, vitality, ability and quality of life for as long as possible. After all, "It's not how old you get that matters, but rather how you get old."

While hereditary factors influence the aging process by up to a third, lifestyle and the environment have an influence of two thirds. The pillars of anti-aging medicine are therefore diet, exercise, stress management, a sufficient supply of vitamins and trace elements, and a balance in the hormonal system.

Typical age-related complaints that people wish to avoid and which can be prevented with the aid of modern anti-aging medicine are:

Sleep disorders

High blood pressure


Poor concentration



Muscle and joint pain


Susceptibility to infections

Deteriorating memory

Reduced libido

Hair loss, cellulite, wrinkles